2019/2020 the experience of history Project Space, Rogue Artists’ Studios CIC, Manchester

2016 McCarthyism, CASC, University of Chester

2015 Album, Holden Side Gallery, Manchester School of Art

2013 Dr Munscheid Paintings Lowry Hotel, Salford

2011 Dr Munscheid Paintings Philips Gallery, Manchester

2008 These Streets Philips Gallery, Manchester

2006 This Was Home, Touchstones Rochdale Art Gallery

2006 Away From Home, Lowry Hotel, Manchester

2005 Recent Paintings, Fsquared Building, Manchester

2004 All The Things We Saw, Huyton Gallery, Merseyside

2003 Cedar Avenue, Comme Ca Art Gallery, Manchester


2022 Sixty Drawings + Ten The Whitaker, Rawtenstall

2020 Group exhibition 1996-2020 Philips Art Gallery

2019 Manifestation Rogue Project Space, Manchester

2018 Bolton School of the Arts: Making Marks for 150 Years Bolton Museum and Art Gallery

2017 Toil, Trade and Titans Touchstones, Rochdale

2017 Berlin 1936 Olympic Village Project neo:gallery 23, Bolton

2016 Rogue at Waterside Waterside Arts Centre, Sale

2016 Progress Rogue Project Space

2016 Rogue Cinema Rogue Project Space

2016 Olydo Berlin 16 Deutsche Kreditbank AG Berlin and Berlin Olympic Village

2015 Hung, Drawn and Curated, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester

2015 Hankering for Classification Toast, Federation House, Manchester

2013 Neo Art Prize, Market Place Gallery Bolton (commendation)

2013 Zeigen/Reveal Three person show Hebden Bridge Arts Festival

2012 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Castlefield Gallery, Manchester

2012 John Moores Painting Prize (Stage 2)

2012 A Century Later, Touchstones Rochdale

2011 Re-Covering Untitled Gallery, Manchester

2011 Affordable Art Fair: Milan, Brussels, Bristol. (with Bleach Box Gallery)

2010 Two Person Show, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester (with Corin Sworn)

2010 Unrealised Potential, Cornerhouse, Manchester, NGCA Sunderland, Void Derry.

2009 Left in Vision at Marxism 2009, London

2009 Kiss of a Lifetime Rogue Project Space, Vane (Newcastle), Bearspace (London).

2009 All Change Royal Standard, Liverpool

2008 The Painting Room Transition Gallery, London

2007 Cube (Centre for the Urban Built Environment) Open, Manchester

2007 Meeting Point axellappprojects, Berlin

2007 Millscapes Touring Exhibition (Rochdale/Oldham/Stockport)

2006 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Philips Gallery Manchester

2005 Pilot 2, Farmiloe Building, London

2005 Light Group Show at Philips Contemporary Art, Manchester

2005 Frankfurt Art Fair, Philips Contemporary Art Gallery stand

2005 The Good Life, Apartment Gallery, Manchester

2005 Building Capacity, Storey Institute Gallery, Lancaster (with Gordon Cheung and Lucy Gunning)

Selected Recent Publications (1): authored essays, papers, reviews, articles and book chapters.

2018 Seeing Clearly: the politics of focus in contemporary photo-derived painting Paper delivered at The Left Conference: Film and Photography Criticism at the Fine Art faculty of the University of Lisbon November 9-11.

2017 Dreams Never End Catalogue for BA students on Level 6: UNIT X – Fine Art, Art History & Curating, MMU (Essay)

2017 Replica University of Bolton MA students. (Catalogue introduction)

2016 Manchester: A City for Artists? MIRIAD Online, Manchester Metropolitan University (Article)

2016 Higher Education and the Creative Economy (Routledge) (Chapter contributor)

ISBN 978-1138918733

2016 In Camera Collaboration with novelist Nicholas Royle (Negative Press, London)

2016 Fabrications (a-n online). (Exhibition review)

2015 Collaborate! (a-n online). (Exhibition review)

2014 Looking North: The Arts Ecology in Manchester Paper at CRESC Conference (Manchester University)

2014 Manchester’s Creative Economy – Where to Next? Manchester University Urban Forum (Article)

2014 Looking North: The Arts Ecology in Manchester MIRIAD Online, Manchester Metropolitan University

2013 What I Painted and Why Junction Box 4 (Essay)

2012 Encompass University of Bolton MA students. (Review May 24th)

2012 Encompass University of Bolton MA students. (Catalogue foreword)

2012 The Neo Phenomenon Essay on neo:blog (Online)

2010 Not for Profit: Economics in Contemporary Art in ‘Unrealised Potential’ (Cornerhouse Publications). (Essay) ISBN 978-0-9550478-5-5

2004 This is Camp X-Ray Essay commissioned by UHC for ‘Don’t Cross the Line’ Project.

2003 Balkan Reconstruction Review of ‘The Balkan Matrix’ at Cornerhouse Manchester (City Life 478)

Selected publications (2): catalogues, interviews and reviews

2020 Radio interview with John Pipriani on TOAT Radio here

2019 Ghosts are Much of What Makes a Space a Place: Interpreting the Relics of the 1936 Berlin Olympic Village through Art in Sporting Cultures: Global perspectives. Dr Iain Adams. Book chapter about Berlin Olympic Village Project.

2017 Berlin 1936: Olympic Village Project Online journal feature by Dr Iain Adams

2017 Berlin Olympic Village Project Review (Bolton News online)

2017 David Gledhill: ‘Olydo Berlin 16’ The Berlin Olympic Village Project

2017 David Gledhill talks about his art and ‘In Camera’, his book collaboration with author Nicholas Royle

2017 Berlin 1936 Olympic Village Project Exhibition catalogue (University of Bolton)

ISBN 978-0-9929770-1-6

2017 Olydo Berlin 16 Exhibition catalogue (Palis Advisory GmbH Berlin)

ISBN 978-3-00-055493-3 Read more here

2017 80 Jahre Olympisches Dorf Art in Berlin (August 2nd)

2016 Dunkle Flecken auf Olympia in Elstal Feature in Westhavellånder (July 16th)

2016 Kunstprojekt zum Jubilåum Geplant Feature in Westhavellander (May 28th)

2016 80 Jahre Olympisches Dorf: Kunstprojekt in Elstal geplant. Feature by Jens Wegener (May 25th)

2016 Read then reread in order to fully grasp the subtleties of the story – In Camera by Nicholas Royle and David Gledhill Review of ‘In Camera’ by Joe Phelan

2016 McCarthyism: A Mirror from the Past University of Bolton Website

2016 Painter Gives New Life to Pre-War Photographs Bolton Evening News (May 8th)

2016 Artist Recreates Cold War Images Saiqa Chaudhari Bolton Evening News (January 25th)

2016 McCarthyism catalogue (University of Chester/Apple Pie Publishing)

2016 Snap! Review of ‘In Camera’ by David Gledhill and Nicholas Royle Michael Caines (TLS Blog)

2016 In Conversation with David Gledhill

2015 Arts Lecturer Paints Warning from History by Nigel Barlow (about Manchester online February 8th)

2015 Interview with David Gledhill co-director of Rogue Studios, Eleanor Clayton, Frieze Magazine (May)

2015 The Lives of Ordinary People 40 Kilometers from Hell Uffe Christensen (Jyllands Posten Denmark)

2012 83 year-old recovers her family from a painting Uffe Christensen (Jyllands Posten, Denmark)

2011 Article about the Dr Munscheid Project, Uffe Christensen (KPN online Denmark)

2011 David Gledhill and Corin Sworn by Paul Cordwell (a-n review February)

2011 Art Life for Fleamarket Finds The Bolt Issue 17 Spring 2011 (University of Bolton)

2010 Castlefield Director Kwong Lee discusses work by David Gledhill and Corin Sworn with Susie Stubbs

2010 Interview with Uffe Christensen (December 1st)

2010 Long Shot as Artist Hunts 1950s Photo Family Manchester Evening News (December 3rd)

2010 David Gledhill & Corin Sworn @ Castlefield Gallery by Tania Moore (The 405 Online)

2010 David Gledhill, Corin Sworn by Robert Clark The Guardian (November 6th)

2010 Artist David Gledhill Hunts Exhibition Stars Ian Youngs BBC News Online (November 30th)

2009 Manchester Review (October)

2008 These Streets Exhibition catalogue

2008 City as Lament. David Gledhill’s Urban and Suburban Paintings. Critical Essay by Lyndon Davies

2007 Mills Of The Northwest – Millscapes At Touchstones Rochdale 24 Hour Museum

2006 Millscapes: Art of the Industrial Landscape Exhibition catalogue (Gallery Oldham and Touchstones Rochdale) ISBN 0-9550385-4-5

2006 PN Review (online)

2005 Poetry Review (January)

2004 David Gledhill Revisits his Youth at Kirkby’s Huyton Gallery by Corinne Field. 24 Hour Museum (Online)

2003 Aperto Manchester by Neil Mulholland Flash Art (October)

2003 In Suburbia; Dave Gledhill stops the clocks City Life (February issue)

2002 Figuratively Speaking Interview and feature by Tim Birch. City Life (June)

1997 City Life (June-July)

1996 Artists Newsletter (July)

1992 Daily Telegraph (March 9th)

1988 David Gledhill by Larry Berryman Arts Review (September 9th)

1988 David Gledhill stages his first one man show by Roy Affleck West Sussex Gazette (September 15th)

1988 Arts Review Yearbook

1986 The Times (June 5th)

Additional Information

2020 Awarded PhD by Manchester Metropolitan University

2019 ‘Setting up a Studio Group’ Talk at University of York (March 21)

2018 Future Now Workshops (Contributor) Manchester Metropolitan University (February 9)

2017 Berlin Olympic Village Project Phase 2 Talk at TIRI Conference University of Bolton

2017 Member of Heritage Buildings Network.

2017 University of Bolton Jenkinson’s Award for Berlin Olympic Village Project Phase 2

2017 Delivered ‘Artist Run Spaces’ Talk at Manchester School of Art (March 9th)

2016 Panellist at ‘Might & Main’ symposium, Manchester Metropolitan University (October 5th)

2016 Nominated for Outstanding Lecturer Award at University of Bolton

2016 University of Bolton Jenkinson’s Award for Berlin Olympic Village Project Phase 1

2014 Awarded ‘Microcommission’ grant by Cornerhouse, Manchester.

2014 Panellist at ‘Power, Culture and Social Framing’ Conference University of Manchester (Sept 3-5th)

2014 Panellist at Manchester’s Creative Economy: Where to Next? University of Manchester (May 20th)

2007 Ancoats Demolition used as cover for Estates by Lynsey Hanley (Granta) ISBN 9781862079090

2006 – 2008 Member of SmallPond; Artist-led organisation promoting studio groups in Manchester.

2005 – Ongoing. Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at University of Bolton

2005 – Ongoing. Co-director Rogue Artists’ Studios CIC, Manchester

2005 Proposed for British Art Show 6

2003 Panellist at The Personal was Political discussion at Castlefield Gallery

2002 – Ongoing. Freelance writing for various arts projects and individual artists.

2002 – 2004 Contributor to City Life magazine (art reviews and features)

2002 – 2005 Studio Administrator and member of ‘Studio 3’, Manchester

1987 – 1988 Organised exhibitions in support of ‘An Open Mind’; a charity for the handicapped.

1985 – 1988 Member of Red Herring Studios, Brighton

1982 Taught art to children with learning difficulties

Works in Collections

Works in the collections of Deutsche Kreditbank Stiftung, East Sussex County Council, Rank Xerox, Halliwell’s, Touchstones Rochdale and Steven Berkoff.